Botanical Heart MatchBox

Prepare to be enchanted by the newest addition to the Archivist family: Jill Dunn! Hailing from the stunning landscapes of Cornwall, Jill is a triple threat - artist, illustrator, and printmaker extraordinaire! Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of her native Cornwall, Jill's work is a love letter to the natural world, celebrated through the art of relief printmaking. Her bold colours and whimsical style breathe life into every creation.

  • Our best selling square match boxes is where it all started! Making fabulous, fun & practical gifts for any occasion!
  • Letterpress Printed by Archivist Press
  • Stick Colour may vary from colour shown in image
  • Contains 125 matches, each measuring 100mm long.
  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x 50 mm


SKU: B291

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